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Aretephos Studio renders meaningful quotes into beautiful art. Quotes are by various philosophers, scientists, musicians, spiritualists, poets, and dramatists that have shaped humanity into what it is today. Aretephos emerged as a medium of symbolic art 'aretephos', where works are defined and motivated by geometric shapes and script.Artist Apostolos Stefanopoulos believes that art can visually express words geometrically: lines as length, color as dominance, circles as continuity, and triangles as stationary objects in space-time. Words finally have a real visual presence; a new way to be understood and appreciated.

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Series Aretephos hosts quotes from profound individuals that have shaped humanity into what it is today. In your everyday life, it is nearly impossible to not come in contact with one of their philosophies or methods.  All work in this section differs from one to another allowing one to interpret the quotes. 7 Sins & 7 Virtues brings to life our everyday challenges and accomplishments. We have all once in our lives been motivated by these principles. The categories appear similar because the veil between them is slim and dangerous. Mathematics encompasses equations in physics and geometry that defines reality and has been crucial in our understanding what is.  One can only imagine what life would be like without these advances.

States of the Soul enters ones' emotional states. Everyday, we express our selves in different, yet similar ways, but we never have the opportunity to see it on paper, now we can. 

Born in Sharon, Connecticut Apostolos Stefanopoulos continues to live in New York, USA. He is a graduate of philosophy and economics from Marist College, New York. Wassily Kandinsky, Caravaggio, and the philosophy of Logic influenced him in the art of abstraction. This is Apostolos’s first gallery show and he is excited to show his work. To create your own work of art, just send us a message!
Abstract, Computer Code
Size: 20''x20''  
Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

Completed Show:

June 6-26 2015 at the Galerie Luz

372, Ste-Catherine street West, suite 418
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1A2. Tél : 514-908-2880

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Works are limited to 8 pieces and are printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper unframed 

Series Aretephos


Aretephos Studio a émergé comme un moyen d'art symbolique – ‘Aretephos’ – où les œuvres sont définies et motivées par des formes et des caractères géométriques. Les citations proviennent de divers philosophes, scientifiques, musiciens, spiritualistes, poètes, et auteurs dramatiques qui ont façonné l'humanité dans ce qu'elle est aujourd'hui. L'artiste Apostolos Stefanopoulos croit que l'art peut visuellement exprimer des mots de façon géométrique : les lignes comme longueur ; la couleur comme domination ; les cercles et les polygones comme continuité ; et les triangles comme des objets stationnaires dans l'espace-temps. Enfin, les mots ont une présence visuelle réelle – une nouvelle manière d'être compris et appréciés.

Series Aretephos réunit des citations d'individus profonds qui ont façonné l'humanité dans ce qu'elle est aujourd'hui. Dans votre vie quotidienne, il est quasiment impossible de ne pas rencontrer l'une de leurs philosophies ou méthodes. Toutes les œuvres de cette section diffèrent les unes des autres et permettent d'interpréter les citations. 7 Péchés & 7 Vertus donne vie à nos défis et réalisations quotidiens. Nous avons tous dans nos vies été motivés par ces principes. Les catégories paraissent semblables parce que le voile entre elles est fin et dangereux. Les mathématiques comprennent des équations de physique et de géométrie qui définissent la réalité et qui ont été cruciales pour notre compréhension de ce qui est. On peut seulement imaginer ce que serait la vie sans ces avancées. Les états de l'Âme entre dans les états émotionnels de l'individu. Chaque jour, nous nous exprimons de manière différente et pourtant similaire mais nous n'avons jamais l'occasion de voir cela sur le papier. Or, maintenant, nous l'avons.

Né à Sharon dans le Connecticut, Apostolos Stefanopoulos continue à vivre à New York aux États-Unis. Il a étudié la philosophie et l'économie au Marist College à New York. Wassily Kandinsky, Caravaggio, et la philosophie de la Logique l'ont influencé dans l'art de l'abstraction. Ce est la première galerie d'exposition de Apostolos et il est heureux de montrer son travail.


Aretephos Studio                                                                     2012-present

·     Founded a photography studio and gallery that featured ten emerging local artists in the tri-state area.

·     Shoot weddings, provide custom prints, and conduct art shows.

·     Currently, working on ‘Aretephos Series’ that generates renders meaningful quotes into beautiful art.

·     Invented new art medium ‘Aretephos’ and the program that brings it to life.


Cooli Labs Corp.                                                                      2012- Present

·     Co-founder and President of a mobile messaging startup that is changing the way people communicate today on their mobile devices.

·     Duties are but not limited to: product management, strategy, operations, staffing, and design work.

·     Initial product strategy, market analysis and development

·     Staffing, community manager for social sites, and vision and direction of Cooli

Four Brothers Pizza, Inc.                                                          2005-Present

·     Managed and operated two restaurants that seat 200 + seats. Duties where and not limited to: staffing, ordering, product management, accounting, management of monies, and operations.

·     Launched the garlic butter product line from the ground up. The garlic butter is now sold to 13 supermarkets from New York to Massachusetts. My role was: distribution, account signup, design, and product manufacturing.

·     Launched the Four Brothers Dressing line to Shop Rite and Stop & Shop. The dressing is now sold to over 200+ supermarkets. My role included negotiating price and distribution with supermarkets and distributers.

·     At the age of 17, co-founded and ice cream shop from the ground up. Brought the restaurant to life and duties ranged from design and concept to staffing and ordering. The business is very successful and staffs 20 persons at a given time.

·     Built America’s first and only drive-in theatre and restaurant combo. Duties where to: staff employees, over see operations, signup major media corporations, and market the drive-in.


John P. Stefanopoulos Foundation

·     Co-Founder and a managing member of the John P. Stefanopoulos Foundation. This Foundation helps underprivileged car crashed victims find hospital attention.

·     Helped raise $100,000.00 and donated to the St. Francis Hospital to create a hospital bay and fund equipment.


The Philosophic Inquirer                                                         2005-2012

·     Built an online philosophy website where philosophy enthusiasts from all over the world engage in powerful and meaningful questions, submit ideas, and publish them online.


Marist College, College of Liberal Arts. Poughkeepsie, NY       2007-2011

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Economics, May 2011

Relevant Coursework: International Economics, Macro and Micro Economics, Market Economics, World Economics, Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind.




Published Philosophy Paper to Atiner                                       2010

 Aristotle on the Reduction of Good Friendship-                                  

As an undergraduate at Marist College, published my philosophy paper on Aristotle and attended the Athens International Conference in Athens and presented my paper. Worked closely with Alexander Nehamas of Princeton University.


Aristotle believes that friendship grounded by the good is mutual affection. I will argue for the reduction of friendship grounded by the good, (Aristotle’s theory), on the account that it is unattainable. The argument runs as follows: the self is of highest value, primary, and not extendable in bodies. Further, my account will demonstrate that good friendship is not a necessary condition for a flourishing life. In effect, all that matters is that the self-fulfill the condition of goodness and virtue.


Forthcoming Philosophy Paper:                                                            Forthcoming

Dualism, Causation and Pairing Problem

·     Currently working on publishing another philosophy paper and are working closely with David Chalmers from New York University.



Property Dualism suffers from the same metaphysical issue that Substance Dualism does.  The unavoidable concern is the Pairing Problem. The argument runs as follows: since Substance Dualism does not work due to the PP, then Property Dualism does not work also. Dualism does not work because both theories do not provide a viable solution to the pairing problem as to how a physical body can interact with a nonphysical mind. Due to their lack of feasibility, they should be eliminated as inefficient and incomplete theories of the mind.



·     Bi-lingual- Greek and English

·     DJ, Photographer, Artist

·     Enjoy Soccer, Tennis, and Ping Pong

·     Entrepreneurship, Startup, iOS and Android

·     Critical thinker, Passionate, Responsible, Ethical, Driven, Persistent, Group Leader

·     Strategy, Development, Operations